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How do I connect the Owner printer and tablet?
How do I connect the Owner printer and tablet?
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To connect your compatible printer, follow this step-by-step article or watch this video:

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on and the Owner tablet is nearby.

  2. Go to Settings App on the tablet and verify:

    1. WiFi is Connected

    2. Bluetooth is turned ON

  3. Turn the printer off, then back on again.

    1. A list of available devices should appear below under Bluetooth Settings on the tablet.

  4. Select Star Micronics TSP100

    1. Click on the device to Pair it with the printer and tablet.

      1. Wait for Successfully Paired to appear

  5. Return to the Kitchen App

  6. Navigate to Settings on the left side of the Kitchen App

  7. Toggle Automatic Printing to ON

    1. In small print it should read: Connected: Star BT TSP100

This means the printer has successfully connected! 🎉

Want to test print? Pull up a past order on the Transactions tab and click Print Ticket or Print Receipt.

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