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How do I use the Careers page on the Owner Dashboard?
How do I use the Careers page on the Owner Dashboard?
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Take a look at this video read the article below:

The Careers page provides you with the tools to create and manage your own job postings and applications. The Careers page is split into two tabs, Applications and Settings.

To navigate to the Careers page on the Owner Dashboard click on Restaurant then Careers on the left side of the screen.


Under the Applications tab you can review applicant’s resumes and contact details. As new applicants apply to your jobs on your website, they will land in your applications inbox.

Selecting a candidate’s name allows you to easily view their contact information like email address and phone number. You can also see what roles they applied for, any message they included, and their CV/resume.

Once you have hired or opted to pass on a candidate, you can select the trash bin icon to remove their application from your inbox.


Within Settings you can create and manage your restaurant’s open positions.

Open Jobs provides a list of standard restaurant roles you can display on your website's career page. You can select either one or multiple positions.

*custom job titles are not available at this time

Salary Range Per Hour (Optional) allows you to set a minimum and maximum hourly rate for your open job(s). If you do not wish to display a salary range, you can slide the Show toggle off.

Description (Optional) allows you to add a custom description for your open job(s).

Benefits (Optional) allows you to add additional benefits provided with your open jobs. To add a new benefit, select Add Benefit.

Each benefit requires an Icon, Name, and Description. Select the trash bin icon to remove benefits.

**Important** select Save to confirm all of your changes once your job posting is complete.

Once completed, your job posting will appear on your website under We’re Hiring!

Career Opportunities Example:

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