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How to Charge a Gift Card for an In-Store Purchase
How to Charge a Gift Card for an In-Store Purchase
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If a customer wants to use an Owner Gift Card in person, you can process this from the Owner Tablet. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Gift Cards option on the left on the Kitchen app

  2. You can manually enter the number the customer will have on their email or take a picture of the Gift Card email.

  3. Once you do that, you will see the balance, customer name, and email.

  4. Click on the Charge option and pick the amount to deduct from the Gift Card. Once done, you will give the customer their items. You will not be placing an order for them on the tablet. You will charge the amount and provide them with the items.


  1. Can customers redeem by themselves?

    1. Answer: Yes, they can do this at the checkout when placing an Online Order

  2. How do I enter this on my POS?

    1. Answer: If you need to enter this on your POS, it would need to be done manually, similar to a cash transaction

  3. What if the customer’s Gift Card isn’t working?

    1. Answer: Please contact Owner Support with the customer’s email, and we can check that for you

  4. What if the customer is spending more than their balance?

    1. Answer: They could use the Gift Card for some items and pay for the rest in cash or CC via your POS

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