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How to Update My Fulfillment Settings
How to Update My Fulfillment Settings
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If you need to edit the Prep or Delivery times for your restaurant, please follow these steps:


How to Steps:

  1. Click the Settings option on the left inside the Kitchen app

  2. Click Orders, and you will see the following options here:

  • Average Time to Prepare an Order: The amount of time you need to prepare an average meal - Additional Time for Delivery: The amount of time a delivery will usually take in your area - Large Order Size: The amount of items an order needs to have on it to be considered Large - Additional Preparation for Large Orders: Additional time you need to prepare Large order - Order Notification pop-up: This is the full-screen message the tablet shows when an order comes through

  1. Please note that there isn’t a Save button on this page. The changes take effect immediately after you make them


  1. How is this reflected in my customers?

    1. Answer: The prep time settings carry over to your Menu page on the website. If you have a prep time of 15 minutes, that is what the customers will see when placing a Pickup order. The same goes for delivery and Large orders

  2. Can I add time after an order was placed?

    1. Answer: Yes! When the order first comes in, you will have the option to add time in 5-minute intervals. You can also do this afterward from the Orders tab on the tablet. See the video above for a demonstration

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