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How to Leave an Review on G2?
How to Leave an Review on G2?
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G2 is a leading software review website which helps prospective restaurateurs better understand what it's like working with!

Why are reviews important to us?

When you write a review for on G2, you are not only helping others decide if Owner is the right fit for their restaurant—you also help us create an even better product!

Your review gives others an inside look into your experience with and helps them decide if is the perfect online ordering solution for their business!

How to Leave an Review on G2 in 4 Steps:

  1. Create an account or log into an existing G2 account with your LinkedIn account or domain based email (ie. [email protected]).
    This allows G2 to verify your identity and restaurant information.

  2. Leave your review
    Questions to consider when leaving your review

    1. What do you like about

    2. What do you dislike about

    3. Would you recommend to a friend?

    4. What’s your direct online ordering volume like since going live with Owner?

    5. Which features and solutions from provide the most value to your business?

  3. Submit your review and accept the terms of use

How Your G2 Review Gets Approved and Published

Things to consider when submitting your review.

  • Use your LinkedIn account or business email address (G2 wants proof you exist!)

  • Share your honest thoughts on, and provide both the good and the bad in your review.

  • Include specific details in your review. Which features do you use? How do you use them?

  • Include screenshots of your Owner dashboard. This helps G2 verify the authenticity of your review.

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