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How to add Variations to an Item
How to add Variations to an Item
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How to Steps:

  1. From your Dashboard Home screen, click on Restaurant.

  2. On the Menu page, click Items.

  3. Click on the name of the Item you’d like to edit.

  4. Under Variation Groups, click Add Variation Group.

  5. Under Name, name the Variation Group (eg. Fountain Drink Size).

  6. If the variation changes the item's price, toggle on Override Amount.

  7. Click Add Variation. Name the variation (e.g. Small) and add the price if applicable. Repeat for as many variations as you need.

  8. Click Save Item.


Q: What is the difference between a Variation Group and a Modifier Group?

A: Variation Groups are used for options such as size or flavor. Variations (eg. Small, Medium, Large) do not need to be added to the Menu inventory ahead of time, and customers can only choose one option from the list.

Modifier Groups are a little more complex. They are used for options such as pizza toppings, and you can set a minimum & maximum number of choices for customers. Modifiers must be added to the Menu inventory (in the Modifiers tab) before they can be added to a Modifier Group. Technically, you can use Modifier Groups for the same purpose as Variation Groups.

Q: Can I use the same Variation Group for multiple Items?

A: No - Variation Groups are specific to individual Items.

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