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What information is available on the Orders page of the Owner Dashboard?
What information is available on the Orders page of the Owner Dashboard?
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The Orders page allows you to review completed order details and issue partial or complete refunds. To find the Orders page, click on Restaurant then Orders on the left side of the screen.

Orders Report Filtering

Previous orders can be sorted by dates via the Today, This Week, This Month, Last 30 Days, Last Month, Last Year, and This Year preset filters or via custom range by selecting dates within the date range window.

Furthermore, you can filter the reviews displayed within the customer name, status, and order type.

Order Structure

Each order displays the customer name, order type, order total, tip, order status, and order time & date. Under actions, you can issue order refunds via the hand icon or view additional order details via the i icon.


To issue a refund, select the hand icon. Within the new adjustment window, you can enter both the refund amount and a comment describing the reason for the refund. Select the blue refund button at the bottom of the window to process the refund.

Additional Order Details

To view additional order details, select the i icon. Within additional order details you can view customer contact details, expanded order details, and payment details. You can link to the Adjust Payment window from this view.

Export Orders to CSV

Lastly, you can export your order to a CSV format via the 'Download as CSV' option.

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