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How do I create a Coupon on the Owner Dashboard?
How do I create a Coupon on the Owner Dashboard?
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Take a look at this video or follow the instructions below:

Coupons apply to the total on an order (i.e. Military Discount, Birthday Discount, or Student Discount.)

To add Coupons, select + Coupon option.

Creating a coupon requires you to first add a Display Name for your coupon. The Display Name is the customer facing name for your coupon.

If you would like to set a different coupon name for menu editing purposes, you can uncheck Reuse Display Name and set a menu editing name under Name.

You can also mark the menu available or unavailable by enabling/disabling the Currently Available slider.

Description provides a customer facing description of your coupon to customers.

Options allows you to customize the details of your coupon.

Coupon Type allows you to set which type of coupon you are offering:

  • Ticket (Percent) = Percentage off order

  • Ticket (Fixed) = Fixed $ amount off order

  • Item (Percent) = Percentage off an item

  • Item (Fixed) = Fixed $ amount off an item

Discount Amount allows you to set the percentage or dollar amount off.

Coupon Code allows you to set the redemption code to redeem the coupon (ie. 20OFF, NEWDEAL15)

Reset Period allows you to set how long customers must wait before they can redeem this coupon again:

  • None (single use)

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly

Promotional coupons are promoted via your funnel and automated email marketing campaigns.

Constraints allows you to customize the criteria of your coupon.

Minimum Spend allows you to set a minimum order value for the coupon to be redeemable.

Maximum Quantity allows you to set a maximum dollar amount or percentage that can be claimed by the coupon.

Start & End Dates provide date ranges options for when the coupon can be redeemed.

Purchased Categories and Items allows you to restrict your coupon to specific menu categories or items. The coupon will be unable to be redeemed unless items for that category or item are on the customers order.

Lastly, you can set your available hours for the coupon. You can choose to only offer the coupon on given days by enabling/disabling the toggle next to each day. To adjust the hours for each day, select Edit Hours.

Hours are added in Shifts. Shifts are both a start and end time for your coupon to be available for a given day. You can have one or more Shifts. To add additional Shifts select the + Add Shift, and to remove Shifts select the black x to the right.

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