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How to 86 Items or Mark Them Available
How to 86 Items or Mark Them Available
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How to Steps:

  1. Click the Menu option on the left inside the Kitchen app

  2. You will see a list of Items and Categories. The ones with the Green Dot are Available, and the ones with the Red Dot are Unavailable.

  3. Click on the Item or Category you want to change. You can work on multiple items/categories at once. Click them one after the other. Selecting items will display a new line at the top.

  4. Click on Edit

  5. Click one of the three available options:

    1. Mark Items as Available

    2. Mark Items as Unavailable

    3. or Mark Items as Unavailable for X days

    4. Click Apply, and the changes will be made

These changes can also be done from the Owner Dashboard. See this article (add article hyperlink when available!)


  1. How long will it take for an item to disappear from the website after this change

    1. Answer: About 2 minutes, depending on the browser. The same goes for the mobile app

  2. Will marking an item as Unavailable affect current/future orders that have this on them?

    1. Answer: A/ No; if a customer already placed an order that includes this item, we would need to give them a partial refund. See this article (add article hyperlink when available!)

  3. If I mark a Category as Unavailable, will all items on it be marked as such?

    1. Answer: A/ No, this will make the category disappear from the site, but if an item contained within this category is also available on a different one, it will still be available there

  4. How does the Mark Items as Unavailable for X days work?

    1. Answer: A/ When using this option, items will remain unavailable for a certain period of time, and then they automatically go back to enabled. Please note that the X-day value counts the current day as 1. Meaning, that a 1 will turn them off for today, and they will be available tomorrow. A 2 will turn them off today and tomorrow, and so on

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