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How to Mark a Category Available/Unavailable
How to Mark a Category Available/Unavailable
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  1. From your Dashboard Home screen, click on Restaurant.

  2. On the Menu page, click Categories.

  3. Click on the name of the Category you’d like to edit.

  4. Scroll down to Availability Options, past the days of the week**.**

  5. To make the Category unavailable at all times, toggle off Available.

  6. Click Save Category.


Q: When would this feature be useful?

A: Adjusting Category availability is useful if you want a certain Category to disappear from the Menu for an undetermined period but want to leave the rest of the menu available.

Q: How is this different from turning off the Category’s Hours?

A: If you turn off the Category’s Hours, the Category will show as greyed out and not clickable, but it will still be visible at the bottom of the Menu. If you mark the Category as unavailable, the Category will disappear from the Menu.

Q: How long will the Category stay unavailable?

A: The Category will remain unavailable until you toggle Available back on.

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