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Understanding your Square POS Integration
Understanding your Square POS Integration
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Signing into Your Owner Dashboard:

To integrate with Square, the first step is to ensure you are signed into the Owner Dashboard.

  • Once in the dashboard, navigate to:

    • Click on the Gear Icon in the top left-side panel

    • Click on Manage Integrations.

    • Click Link Square Account

Gathering the location ID.

  • You will notice that the location ID field is blank when you integrate.

  • To get the location ID, you will navigate to your Square Dashboard and go to:

    • Settings

    • Business Information

    • Select the business location you are working with, then enter it into your dashboard under "Manage Integrations."

Ensure Print Tickets Automatically is On:

(Note- our direct square integration does not support dynamic printing, IE if there are say 3 printers it can print to all printers, 1 printer or another but not 2/3 or only at X station etc.)

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Tap Settings > Remote Orders.

  3. Toggle Print New Remote Orders on.

  4. Navigate back to Settings > Printers, and select your connected printer or create a new printer station.

  5. Turn Order Tickets on.

  6. Make sure to enable the item categories you’d like available for pickup.

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