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How to Adjust Reward Points on an Item
How to Adjust Reward Points on an Item
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How to Steps:

  1. From your Dashboard Home screen, click on Restaurant.

  2. On the Menu page, click Items.

  3. Click on the name of the Item you’d like to edit.

  4. Under Points to Redeem, click the dropdown**.** Choose the point value you’d like to assign to the Item. If you do not want the Item to be redeemable with Reward Points, choose Not Redeemable.

  5. Click Save Item.


Q: What are Reward Points?

A: Customers earn Reward Points each time they order from your restaurant. They can use these points to redeem free food items. All customers start with 100 points; thereafter, $1 spent = 10 Reward Points. For more information on the Reward Program, please see our “LOYALTY ARTICLE” article.

Q: How are Reward Point amounts determined for each Item?

A: All menu items come with a pre-determined point value. This value is always higher than the original cost of the item. You are free to increase or decrease this number as you see fit.

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