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How do I import a Customer List to the Owner Dashboard?
How do I import a Customer List to the Owner Dashboard?
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You can import a CSV or Excel customer list by using the +Import Customers option on the Customer section of the Owner Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Customer page by clicking on Home then Customers on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click on +Import Customers in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Now add the CSV or Excel file you are attempting to upload by clicking in the box to browse your files or using drag and drop to add your file to the box

    1. Reminder: The following fields are required to import a customer list import:

      1. First name

      2. Last name

      3. Email address

      4. Phone number

  4. To ensure you are uploading the correct information you need to indicate if the top line on your CSV/Excel file contains headers or items

    1. If the first row of the column contain a title or description it does contain a header.

    2. If the first row of the column contains customer data, like "John" or "510-630-2397" it does not contain a header.

  5. Now use the the dropdown menus under CSV Data to make sure the right information will be stored in the right column. This is the left column highlighted in red.

    1. You can verify that the information is lining up correctly by verifying the information in the Preview section on the right side.

  6. Click Import.

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